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HD vs analog cameras

Dome Cameras- the BEST

Bullet Cameras

Brick or Box  Cameras

spy or covert cameras

by application:

  • indoor/outdoor cameras

by shape

  • dome, bullet, box or spy cameras

by resolution:

  • regular or analog 700TVL resolution

  • High definition 1080p resolution

by vision

  • daylight only

  • day/night vision

by viewing angle

  • narrow

  • wide area

by the number of cameras

  • 4-8-16ch recording DVR





For all

  • motion enabled recording.

  • high frame rate (25 or 30fps) live view and recording and replay - awesome quality

  • online access (live view, search, replay)

  • extra long recording storage (months)

  • smartphone and tablet free app



regular camera systems: live view in D1, recording in CIF resolution

HD camera system: live view in 1080p, recording in 1080p. Live view 6x, recording is 20x

bigger, sharper, cleaner.

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