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Lock/unlock via

- key

- pin code

- smartphone


Lock seamlessly integrates into your system

- check status, lock/unlock any door using in-wall touch screen, remote control, lightswitch/keypad or tV

- Set ties or events to automatically unlock/lock doors

- use lock to automatically arm/disarm the alarm system


Fully customizable feature set

- Add/delete user codes

- use lock to initiate customized scenes upon entrance and exit

- lock/unlock door using a key FoB (sold separately)


Remote access features

- check status of door lock using web enabled devices

- lock/unlock door using a web enabled device

- receive text/email notifications when lock is accessed

Baldwin SOHO Sectional

Baldwin Boulder Sectional

Baldwin SOHO Deadbolt

Baldwin Boulder Deadbolt

Yale Deadbolt

Yale lever doorlock

Watch a Yale Durability video - torture test

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